Recreational Vehicles

Purchasing a recreational vehicle is a major investment. For all intents and purposes, an RV serves as a second home. Thats why it makes sense to buy recreational vehicles insurance rather than adding a RV to your standard automobile insurance policy. An RV insurance policy provides the coverage that every family or retired couple deserves.

Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Theres little doubt that purchasing a recreational vehicle represents a sizable financial investment. A typical RV is loaded with valuable contents. After all, your motor home, motor coach, camper van, fifth wheel or travel trailer is literally your home away from home.

RV insurance is also available for toy haulers, pop-ups and campers of every size and description. RV owners dont just drive here and there. They like to get comfortable and stay awhile. A specialized RV insurance policy can provide everything from vacation liability and emergency expense protection to bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Additional types of coverage include insured and uninsured motorist, medical payment protection and comprehensive/ collision coverage. Policyholders can also choose between market value, agreed value or total replacement cost insurance coverage.

Specialized Insurance Coverage

RV owners are often surprised by the cost of replacing personal effects after they have been stolen or damaged. There are also vacation liability issues that need to be considered. You may be held legally liable for instances of damage or injury that occur in the vicinity of your recreational vehicle. Adequate coverage for physical damage or losses caused by fire is equally important. Specialized RV insurance packages, including deluxe coverage options, are available for both full timers and intermittent RV enthusiasts.

A recreational vehicle is more than a car. A standard auto insurance policy may not provide protection for all the valuable things you store in your recreational vehicle. The value of everything from computer equipment to camping gear can add up quickly. Even a minor accident could make it necessary for you and your family to pay for lodging and meals while your RV is being repaired. A separate RV insurance policy can provide protection for these and many other unexpected circumstances and emergencies.