Life Insurance

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There are many types of insurance coverage that you can purchase to protect you from financial loss when misfortune or disaster strike. From car accidents to home damage, coverage is designed to minimize the expenses associated with these events so that you can move forward more easily. When you pass away, your family may face expenses related to funeral costs and medical bills. In addition, they may suffer due to lost wages on a daily basis. They may also be unable to save for future goals and plans, such as a child’s college education or retirement. Life insurance can be purchased today, and the death benefits can be used to minimize the financial stress a family may feel after your passing.

Planning for the end of life can be stressful, but you may enjoy greater peace of mind when you know that your loved ones are financially provided for in a worst case scenario. Term life insurance is one type of coverage that you can buy. This is a type of coverage that will not accumulate cash value, and the benefits will cease at the end of the term. Coverage can be purchased in larger or smaller values, and terms typically range from 10 to 30 years. Whole or universal life are other options, and these policies do accumulate cash value. The cash can be borrowed against with a loan, or it can be pulled out of the policy upon surrender. In addition, these policies may not expire, or they may expire when you reach a specific age, such as 99 or 100 years old. Because of the unique features of these policies, they may be used for estate planning and financial planning.

When you are preparing for the future, purchasing life coverage is an important step to consider. You can determine which policy type is best for your needs. Some individuals may purchase one of each type of policy in order to enjoy the benefits that both can provide. When you speak with our specialized agent, you can receive customized advice regarding term lengths and coverage amounts that may be best suited for your needs.