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Providing Relief to South Carolina Children Living in Poverty

Children in South Carolina area facing a crisis of poverty. At present, nearly one in four children in our state lives below the poverty line, and another one in for belongs to a low income family where they face consistent problems with hunger, a deficiency in scholastic support, or a lack of seasonal clothing.

Corey Hinson & Associates is concerned by these trends, and we are launching a relief campaign to provide immediate support to children in the greater Charlotte area struggling with poverty.

Ambassadors for At-Risk Children

Corey Hinson & Associates is now officially a Regional Ambassador for #AgentsofChange in the Carolinas, and we are dedicated to improving outcomes for local children. During this campaign, we will be supporting outreach efforts to improve educational resources for low income students, assisting in food and clothing drives for at-risk children, and working to ensure emergency shelter options are available for families in financial crisis.

We know that thousands of children in our area are struggling with poverty, and we can’t reach them by ourselves. We need your help.

How to be Part of this Campaign

To help us reach all the children who need help, we’re asking you to invite your friends and neighbors to come in and visit the Corey Hinson & Associates where we can provide them with more information on this campaign. We will also offer them a free insurance consultation, and when they leave, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to an agency or program in your area that operates on behalf of children in poverty.

Get Involved!

Now is the time to get involved. We need your assistance to help the children in our area, and we hope you decide to be part of our team.


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Corey Hinson & Associates

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