Continuing to Provide Homes, Only at the Cost of a Name

Nearly 900,000 children are mistreated every year – narrowed in, this equates to about one child being abused every 36 seconds. Allow that to settle in for a moment…one every 36 seconds. Abuse goes unchecked all too often, and we’re working to change that. In order to raise awareness about this issue, our organization has joined the Children’s Attention Home – for the second time!

The Children’s Attention Home has benefited 8,500 children (and counting) since its inception in 1970 by offering compassionate care and life-changing programs to youth and families in need. Their mission is to be a community leader who goes above and beyond industry care requirements, empowering adolescents and families to achieve healthy independence and success.

This is why Corey Hinson & Associates has opted to support their fantastic purpose, vision, and cause – because our agency completely agrees that a child’s life should not be defined by a difficult start. That being said, we’re now advocating and directing monetary rewards to this very cause. When you refer someone to us for a quote and choose not to give them a gift card, we will make a $10 donation to Children’s Attention Home on your behalf! We want to put smiles on people’s faces and make a difference in their lives, and you can help. So, how many names do you think you can come up with?


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