A helping hand for families in need

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt across the world, the nation, and right here in our very own community. With so many jobs lost, families are struggling to make ends meet, pay their bills, and keep food on the tables for their children. It breaks our heart that so many people are facing this financial insecurity.

In our community, there are so many excellent organizations that have shifted their focus to helping those greatly affected by the recent hardship. And as #AgentsofChange we want to do whatever we can to help, too!

Our agency is coming together to support these local organizations in their efforts to help families in need during this very difficult time. We hope that you will join us, and help those in need! 

How? Well when you refer a friend to our agency for a no-obligation quote, we pledge to donate $10 to those in need. That is $10 for EACH quoted friend.